1. Physiotherapy Services

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic offer highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs at all their locations catering to

out-patient, home visits and in-patient.

Passing through a period of illness or trauma is one of the hardest challenges in life when its coupled with working hard to cope with medical and social issues that borders on your eventual recovery and your family upkeep and supports. After the initial period of emergency treatment in the hospital you are admitted, in which the immediate crisis is dealt with, you’ll be starting down the road to recovery sometimes slowly or rapidly depending on how deep your trauma is, which is usually through some forms of Physical Rehabilitation.

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic: Physical Rehabilitation Center for Children and Aged exist in order to guide and enable you during the recovery process to seamlessly transit and integrate back into your lifestyles, work and family. Considering the relative length of time you can spend in therapy after a major health crisis, Physical Rehabilitation at Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic is the most important part of your recovery and eventual integration.
Finding the right Physical Rehabilitation Center is of critical importance to your long-term recovery. Bad therapy, insufficient therapy, or rehabilitation centers that are understaffed might do more harm than good, making it all the more important for you to consult with Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic, the best in Nigeria.
Our facility is set up to treat neurological disorders, such as #Stroke, #SpinalCordInjury, #ParkinsonsDisease, #NerveParalysis, #GaitDysfunction, #SpineDegenerativeDiseases, #CerebralPalsy, #Arthritis, #JointPains, #SportsInjury, #BalanceDysfunction, and more.

We have reputation as the best Physical Rehabilitation Center for patients recovering from #amputations, #nerveparalysis, and #surgery. The physical rehabilitation center offers physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy and also sports rehabilitation program for injured athletes.
Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic‘s world-class staff is capable of providing short or long-term care for neurological injuries and disorders, orthopedic physical rehabilitation, burns, aphasia, and cognitive or sensory disorders caused by damage to the brain and spinal cord.

In addition to this already impressive portfolio, the center is also proud of its commitment to restoring patients to a normal life by using Highly Specialized Physical Rehabilitation Programs customized to individual and medical conditions with overall aim of restoring motor dysfunction, gait and balance issues in patients.

2.Workplace Ergonomics Consultancy

Innovative workplaces are cost-effective, flexible, and sustainable work environments that support organizational change and collaborative work styles. The end goal of an innovative workplace is to provide high performance work environments that maximize employee’s productivity and reduce long term operating expenses and prevent workplace musculoskeletal injuries.

Designing innovative workplaces requires new ways of thinking about the virtual and physical aspects of the space- tying together people, space, and technology to support changing and more progressive business practices.
Ergonomics aims to make sure that tasks, equipment, information and the environment fit each worker. Employees may suffer workplace ergonomic injuries and illnesses when work tasks including reaching, bending over, lifting heavy objects, using continues force, working with vibrating equipment, and or performing repetitive motions.
Musculoskeletal disorders continue to be a major source of disability and lost work time, understanding their causes, and especially those that are work related, remains the key to primary prevention. Assessing exposure of workers to known ergonomic risk factors is essential to determine which part of a job or task contributes to this growing problem. In order to prevent these workplace musculoskeletal disorders your company must enter into a proactive, systematic approach to ergonomics.
What Are Your Objectives?
1. Develop effective workplace ergonomic specifications and procurement template for your office facility and equipment.
2. Empower the staff about proper workplace ergonomic awareness.
3. Create an effective workplace ergonomics audit and training
4. Develop workplace ergonomics training for the old and new employees.
5. Conduct baseline workplace ergonomics risk factor analysis of adjustable and non-adjustable office furniture.
6. Maintain high levels of productivity and workers satisfaction.
What Are The Basic Steps to Take?
1. Identify the hazards with the use of internationally approved assessment tools.
2. Setting up the infrastructures with the use of internationally approved ergonomics plans
3. Basic employee awareness training
4. Large worksite ergonomic audit
5. Ergonomics tools procurement, workstation set up and new office ergonomic design.
Are you struggling with addressing ergonomic issues with a large group of employees? Are you concerned that individual evaluations may be too costly? When a large work area or group of workstations needs to be reviewed, a worksite audit might be a good solution.
We have deep experience in analysis of workstations in all types of industries. Why don’t you ask us to show you how we can help your organization develop effective workplace ergonomic design.

3. Escort Services for Clients on Medical Tourism

We offer professional pick up services from the International Airport for patients coming back from #India, #Dubai, #US, #Germany, #Turkey, after medical tourism treatment for Spinal Reconstructive Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery, Cancer Treatment etc.

4.Health Education and Information Services.

We are developing a world class training academy to train healthcare officials and citizens.

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