Ageless Physical Rehabilitation Center Limited or Ageless Group is a group of healthcare businesses offering bouquet of Physiotherapy Clinics, Physical Rehabilitation Centers, e-commerce marketplace selling healthcare equipment and consumables, and its Charity arm called Center for Research, Education, and Development in Physical Rehabilitation in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

Our Subsidiaries are as listed below:

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinics, the 1st subsidiary of Ageless Group is a network of out-patient based Physical Rehabilitation Centers for Children and Adults and Nerve Paralysis Recovery Centers for all neurological cases that are traditionally regarded not to respond to treatment or recovery especially cases like Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Peripheral Nerve Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington Diseases, Traumatic Brain Injury, Sports Injury, Spine degenerative diseases and a host of others amenable to physical therapy.

Ageless Physiotherapy Clinics are pioneers of highly specialized physical rehabilitation programs in Nigeria with individually customized programs to enable faster recovery for patients that had stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson Disease, post surgical complications after hip replacement surgery, spine reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, knee replacement surgery, burns and amputation, fracture and dislocation, congenital birth deformities just to mention a few.

We operate one of the largest stand alone physiotherapy centers in Nigeria and our focus is on delivering quality care and value for money.

We play a key role in improving access to quality and effective physiotherapy by providing highly specialized physical rehabilitation for more than 2,000 people each year. This represents a huge % of the physical rehabilitation market in Nigeria.

Our network of referrals span the whole of Nigeria and overseas especially patients on medical tourism.

By bringing together highly experienced and well trained specialists and high performing and supporting staff, Ageless Physiotherapy Clinic provides the Infrastructure for physical rehabilitation facilities equipped with modern equipment.

Collectively our center has in its employment Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Occupational Therapists, Specialist Nurses. We also have affiliations with several other healthcare professionals like Surgeons, Neurologists and Physicians. Our administrative and support staff  provides strategic and business management support across a range of areas including clinical safety and quality, hygiene, procurement, accounting and finance, facility management, human resources, business development, marketing and IT support.

Our broad aim is to replicate the quality services we offer in our present location at 19B, Ogundana Street, Allen Avenue Ikeja across the major cities in the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

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